Learn the Best Practices of Taking A Spa Treatment


To take a spa treatment, there are a set of rules defined that every person has to follow. Abiding to these rules will help you make the most out of this enriching experience.

Switch off the phone before entering the spa

Most spas do not permit their clients to bring their cell phone and use it at the spa. This is because taking calls while you are being treated defeats the entire purpose of spa. You can’t relax while answering calls, texting and checking emails in the spa.

It can even impact the person next to you. Wondering where is the nearest spa? You can google or talk to your neighbor to learn location of some of the best spas in your area.

Reach on time

Don’t race to a massage session. Reach the venue twenty to thirty minutes before the start of the treatment will help you to properly carry out the paperwork, take a tour of amenities, change into the robe, and get prepared to use a hot tub or a steam room.

Be free to speak your preferences

If you are taking spa for the first time, then it is quite obvious that your therapist doesn’t know your preferences. It is important for you to communicate your likes and dislikes in terms of gender of therapist, music volume, amount of pressure, use of blanket (especially in winter season) and other things to suit your comfort.

Talking while the treatment is on

To talk or to remain still while you are being treated at a spa treatment is a matter of your choice. It is individual preference and the therapist will follow your lead.


It depends on the person as well as the spa policies. If you like their exceptional service, you can give them 15-20% tip. It is better to check the spa policies before you plan to give them a tip.

Cancelation of appointment

Most of the spas provide a 24-hour cancellation system where you need to intimate of your non-availability as soon as possible. This will save the precious time of the therapist who will not be paid if you don’t arrive at the spa.


These are the basic rules that are expected to be followed by every person at the time of a spa treatment. It is advised to ask the therapist if there are any other etiquettes that need to be followed.